FALL: el otoño

October 27, 2007

April is from Merritt Island, Florida where the beaches are beautiful, the tropical plants are never ending and the temperatures are very decent all year round. The seasons down there (as you can kind of guess) are far different than what we have up here in the MD. The changes in season are not very obvious and/or interesting. I never really appreciated the Fall season before April moved up here in May, 2005 and showed me how great the season changes are. Now Fall is our family’s favorite time of the year. We enjoy especially going to get pumpkins and mums, carving the pumpkins, driving around looking at all of the different tree colors as the leaves are changing…and April loves decorating the kitchen window and table with fall themes. Fall has taken a while to get here this year, but here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to so far. (Mainly dealing with pumpkins of course…)


Dante with his cousins Lucca and Sophia at a Pumpkin Patch/farm off of 424. Uncle Joey is supporting Dante from behind.


Dante at the Pumpkin Patch. He had a great time there.


The beginnings…


Apes carving her pumpkin.


Our 3 pumpkins…which ended up rotting after 3 days because of the unusually hot October this year.


One Response to “FALL: el otoño”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I am with you guys… fall is my favorite time of the year! That’s the great thing about Maryland… you get a little of each season! Dante is looking great by the way! So big, I can’t wait to see him again!

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