Happy Holidays

January 28, 2008

What a wonderful Christmas we had. John, Dante, and I started off our holidays spending time with his family. We spent Christmas Eve with all his Babbo, Nonna, aunts, uncles, and cousins on the Tomassoni side. Then we celebrated Christmas day together as a family. After that we went to a brunch at Uncle Joey, Aunt Katie, Sophia, and Lucca’s house. Babbo, Nonna, Uncle Tim, Aunt Sam, and Aunt Katie’s family were there as well. The very next day we flew to Florida. This was Dante’s first flight. He did great! This was the first time his Granpa, Meemaw, Uncle Paul, and Auntie Kelly saw Dante since he was born.

Dante had a blast we took him to Disney for the first time and he loved it. We took him into this show called the Tiki Room. When I was a kid it was calm, but now it is so loud and has all these flashing lights. The entire show Dante was jumping up and down on our laps having the best time. He was jumping so fast that it felt like he was on fast forward.

After the holidays we have been back and trying to get into our routine. Dante has grown up so much. He can now roll over onto his belly, hold his head up, sit up pretty well, say the “baba” sound, and he is even eating solid food. (He loves squash!) Time has gone by so fast. He turned 5 months Jan. 21st and is on his way to 6 months old. Everyone told me how fast these months would go. I just never thought they would go this fast.

Check out Dante’s rolling over video on You Tube.


Enjoy the video and here are some updated pics.


Christmas Eve


Pictures of Dante’s Christmas Adventures (Maryland and Florida)


Recent pics of Dante at 5 months