Dante turned 9 months on May 21st. He is so much bigger now. He weighs 19 lbs. and is almost 29 in long. So he is long and lean. We posted a new video of Dante trying to walk holding one of our hands. He now has 4 teeth and is crawling all over the place. We have to keep a sharp eye on him because we have not put up gates yet. We have this weird entrance way so we are trying to figure out a way without drilling into the railing. Dante can also say “All Done”, “mama”, “dadda”, and “more”. He is eating table food and transitioning to a sippy cup. We are very sure he will be walking in the next month or so. He is very brave and will let go of you to take a few steps. He is quite a rough and active little boy. April is exhausted by the end of the day with this little guy. He turns 1 on August 21st which is hard to believe. Dante was also dedicated at Bay Area Community Church this past month on Mother’s Day!

John has 2 more weeks of school and finished his coaching year. He is hoping to maybe find another teaching job at a school that is open to starting a lacrosse program. Lacrosse is new to FL, but is starting to grow. April is still working part-time from home for a chiropractor and will continue to do so when they move to FL. That is the wonderful thing about being a paperless company!

For those who have not heard…we are moving to FL on July 16th. Please pray for us as we have not sold our home yet. We will be staying with April’s parents until the house in Maryland sells. We are really looking forward to being in warmer climate and being near April’s mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law (however long they stay in FL). It also a bitter time as we move away from John’s family. We will really miss the Sunday afternoon family lunch gatherings, but we really feel this is the right choice for us. We hope you will keep us in your prayers as we basically transfer into this incredibly new and uncertain time of life. 

Trying to Stand Up

Trying to Stand Up

Dante’s Baby Dedication

Just like Dad!

Here is the Youtube link: