Hi, I’m April…I grew up most of my life in Merritt Island, Florida, and now live in Millersville, Maryland with my husband John and my son Dante. John and I were married on July 21, 2006. After a few months of prayer and preparation we decided to expand our family, and I became pregnant. On August 21, 2007 I gave birth to our little son Dante. So…after two years of teaching in the Montgomery County Public School System, I am now staying at home with our son caring for him and getting to know him. It has been such a blessing to be able to be what I have always wanted to be: a wife and a mother… Stop by every once in a while to find out about all our adventures!


7 Responses to “April”

  1. Katie Says:

    I’m so glad you have a blog so I can keep track of how Dante is doing!!!!! Oh, and I got your message the other day….I keep meaning to call you back!! Hopefully I’ll talk to you soon! Love you!!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Hey, April! This blog will be great to keep in touch with you and to see how you and your family are doing! Your son is so beautiful and congrats to you and John! Mindy will be adding a little addition to her family in December! I am so excited to be an aunt! KIT!!!!!

  3. Maribeth Says:

    April, Dante is the cutest!!!! Thanks for keeping in touch, and let me know how things are going. My little one is almost walking…time goes so quickly, so enjoy these little moments!

  4. Hilary Sledge Says:

    April, This is so exciting to see how Dante, you & John are doing as a family. I miss you so much. I will keep trying to call you. Dante is so stinking cute, I cant wait to meet him in person. Love you! Give Dante lots of kisses for me.

  5. Hey! Whats up? It’s Olivia writing. My family says hi and they wish you many happy years for the future. You’ve been on our minds lately! its funny because just today we were on our way to church and my mom and dad asked how you guys were doing just out of the blue…I didint think we were still in touch so i didint know what to say exept for the fact that I said that I’ll check my e-mail to see if you guys had written to us! Cool huh?Oh and by the way I know its been a long time since we’ve been in touch on a personal basis and to just give you a reminder, we were the ones that went to Nicaragua with you Marck Ivanchak and a few others.Write me.
    -Olivia, and the fam
    p.s: Please write me back.

  6. Kelley Kalin Says:

    Hi April! This is Kelley Kalin (formerly Wilson). Remember me? It’s been such a long time! I’m so glad to hear you are doing well. How do you like living in Maryland? I live in Massachusetts with my husband Aaron. We’re both graduating medical school in June. I’m also expecting a baby boy in June! Write back whenever you get a chance, I’d love to hear from you!

  7. kari Says:

    april!!! I got your myspace request, but I could not send you a friend request either.
    I unblocked “band requests” on my profile, so if you get this, try to send me one again 🙂
    I googled your name and found this! lol


    P.S. your baby is a cutie pie!

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