The Floral State

September 28, 2008

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog…We’ve had a very busy and eventful 3 or 4 months. We made our big move down to Florida on July 17 and we are getting settled in still. Thank you for those of you who have been praying for us in this transition in our lives. That really means a lot to us. We believe God has really been teaching us so much about trusting him with relationships and parenthood and our marriage, etc. God has been good to us, He is so gracious, and He has been faithful as we have gone through a lot of changes. Here are some things we were able to do and enjoy this summer, much of which was really genuine time spent with our families…

*We spent a week in Dewey Beach for a great vacation with the Tomassoni’s. This was Dante’s first time ever seeing an ocean. We celebrated Dante’s birthday (his first first birthday party…he had a few this summer, lucky boy). All the cousins, Dante, Sia and Lucca had such a blast playing together all week, especially in their frog pool at the beach.

*We were able to go on a fun 4 day Disney cruise with the Berry’s. We enjoyed getting out to different islands, sharing meals together, snorkling in the Caribbean, swimming in pools, etc. We even got to watch some of Kung Fu panda while Dante was sleeping one night. While snorkling, it was amazing to see the life under water when we’re used to looking on the land. It was beautiful, but April is much better at snorkling than John is. In fact, John is a little nervous about snorkling near large fast swimming biting fish, and not to mention huge crabs that blend in to the sea floor. Needless to say, there were many funny situations during our snorkling adventures.

*April and I were able to celebrate our anniversary (July 21) soon after we made our move to Florida. We spent two nights at Sanibel Island on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It was just such a relaxing few days during a busy summer. We got to go swimming, lay out and sleep, walk on a beautiful beach. This is also the week when John made his first contact with the school where he now is teaching.

*John could not drive in to work on August 21 due to the flooding in our neighborhood from Tropical Storm Fay. It just so happens that this was Dante’s birthday. We had a great time sharing a cake and walking through water, and napping and enjoying Dante’s birthday.

*We’ve been able to go to the beach a few times, and enjoy amazing sights and sounds in God’s creation. The waves, the view of the setting sun, the sounds of the waves crashing and the white water coming up to the shore. Dante loves running around on the shore line, he is always showing off in the water for Mommy and Daddy, and he loves to pick up the sand (which sometimes ends up in his mouth!)

*John was very blessed to get a job at a High School in Orlando during a summer where the budget problems in FL made it difficult for people to find teaching jobs. There were not too many Spanish openings this summer in Central FL, so we are really thankful for that opening. He’ll also be coaching lacrosse in the spring.

*We also had another fun birthday party for Dante with his Florida family and friends. He is such a lucky boy to have so many people who love him and care about him.

*ALSO, one more thing, in the last two days Dante has been WALKING like crazy!!! He actually tried to run already…and obviously fell and bumped his cabeza. These past two Saturday’s we have been taking Dante to a park in M.I. to let him run wild and meet other kids and families, and share a meal together just us three. We’ve really enjoyed being outside a lot, and Dante loves to see nature and share in it.

Here are some fun pictures from our summer…Also, check out Dante walking and Tropical Storm Fay flooding on Youtube by copying and pasting these links:    (Dante walking)    (Dante walking at the park)    (Dante walking at the park)     (Tropical Storm Fay Flooding)


Dante turned 9 months on May 21st. He is so much bigger now. He weighs 19 lbs. and is almost 29 in long. So he is long and lean. We posted a new video of Dante trying to walk holding one of our hands. He now has 4 teeth and is crawling all over the place. We have to keep a sharp eye on him because we have not put up gates yet. We have this weird entrance way so we are trying to figure out a way without drilling into the railing. Dante can also say “All Done”, “mama”, “dadda”, and “more”. He is eating table food and transitioning to a sippy cup. We are very sure he will be walking in the next month or so. He is very brave and will let go of you to take a few steps. He is quite a rough and active little boy. April is exhausted by the end of the day with this little guy. He turns 1 on August 21st which is hard to believe. Dante was also dedicated at Bay Area Community Church this past month on Mother’s Day!

John has 2 more weeks of school and finished his coaching year. He is hoping to maybe find another teaching job at a school that is open to starting a lacrosse program. Lacrosse is new to FL, but is starting to grow. April is still working part-time from home for a chiropractor and will continue to do so when they move to FL. That is the wonderful thing about being a paperless company!

For those who have not heard…we are moving to FL on July 16th. Please pray for us as we have not sold our home yet. We will be staying with April’s parents until the house in Maryland sells. We are really looking forward to being in warmer climate and being near April’s mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law (however long they stay in FL). It also a bitter time as we move away from John’s family. We will really miss the Sunday afternoon family lunch gatherings, but we really feel this is the right choice for us. We hope you will keep us in your prayers as we basically transfer into this incredibly new and uncertain time of life. 

Trying to Stand Up

Trying to Stand Up

Dante’s Baby Dedication

Just like Dad!

Here is the Youtube link:




February 29, 2008

We recently returned from a winter getaway (yes…you actually have to do that up here in Maryland for sanity). We went with John’s family. It was so nice to get away and swim in a “heated” pool. Although I am still not convinced the pools were heated. We went up a day early to have our family time before we met up with his family. John was able to go snowboarding with his dad and Dante and I went to the indoor waterpark. Dante is quite a fish. He loves the water and loves to chase the toys and bubbles, while charming all the people around him with a smile.

John is beginning to coach lacrosse this Sat. starting with tryouts. The season goes for a little over 2 months. He is so excited and Dante and I can’t wait to go to his games.

I am currently still staying at home, but I work part time for a chiropractor doing his marketing, appointments, and software stuff. I know…it is not at all what I would have expected to do. But I actually like it and I am learning so much from it. Not to mention it helps us pay the bills.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is March. Dante is now 6 months old. He can “razz”, babble more with sounds, eat some food off our plate (soft foods), sit up on his own, clap, and he is even doing better walking while holding our hands. He is such a physical boy. I really think I missed the newborn stage with him because he wanted to be grown up from the beginning. Dante is such a strong, happy boy. John and I are still amazed he is ours.


Ready to go!


Dante’s first swim with daddy. He loves it!


I think he had a great time.


Dante getting ready to eat at the lodge. Yes…he still has his newborn pacifier.


Our family at the lodge. This was Dante and April’s first time at a ski lodge. They don’t seem to have many in Florida.

Happy Holidays

January 28, 2008

What a wonderful Christmas we had. John, Dante, and I started off our holidays spending time with his family. We spent Christmas Eve with all his Babbo, Nonna, aunts, uncles, and cousins on the Tomassoni side. Then we celebrated Christmas day together as a family. After that we went to a brunch at Uncle Joey, Aunt Katie, Sophia, and Lucca’s house. Babbo, Nonna, Uncle Tim, Aunt Sam, and Aunt Katie’s family were there as well. The very next day we flew to Florida. This was Dante’s first flight. He did great! This was the first time his Granpa, Meemaw, Uncle Paul, and Auntie Kelly saw Dante since he was born.

Dante had a blast we took him to Disney for the first time and he loved it. We took him into this show called the Tiki Room. When I was a kid it was calm, but now it is so loud and has all these flashing lights. The entire show Dante was jumping up and down on our laps having the best time. He was jumping so fast that it felt like he was on fast forward.

After the holidays we have been back and trying to get into our routine. Dante has grown up so much. He can now roll over onto his belly, hold his head up, sit up pretty well, say the “baba” sound, and he is even eating solid food. (He loves squash!) Time has gone by so fast. He turned 5 months Jan. 21st and is on his way to 6 months old. Everyone told me how fast these months would go. I just never thought they would go this fast.

Check out Dante’s rolling over video on You Tube.

Enjoy the video and here are some updated pics.


Christmas Eve


Pictures of Dante’s Christmas Adventures (Maryland and Florida)


Recent pics of Dante at 5 months

Check out the game Dante and I love to play in the morning when he first wakes up. This is the hardest I have ever seen him laugh. He is almost 3 months old in this video. Warning…it will make you laugh too.

Paste in your browser:

Time at Home

November 13, 2007

Many people think I am crazy but I love staying home with Dante. I cannot tell you how many times people have asked, “Aren’t you bored at home?” So far I have not been bored. I have been trying to do things to not feel so isolated and ‘bored’. This morning I was playing with Dante and he was just looking at me with a smile on his face and in his eyes. I think that is one of my favorite things about Dante. He can smile with his eyes before his mouth is even in the smiling position. I feel so blessed to have the priviledge of staying at home with my son. I am so thankful for our family supporting us in that decision and helping us out when we are down to a few dollars in our account. Family is so important and I hope that by staying home, Dante will learn it as well. Here are some pictures of us and the family in his life.


John, April, and Dante (2 1/2 months old)


Granpa, Meemaw, Nonna, and Babbo at Dante’s birth


Uncle Joey, Aunt Katie, Cousin Sophia and Lucca


Uncle Tim and Aunt Sam seeing Dante for the first time!


Uncle Paul and Aunt Kelly visiting Dante from Florida.



Dante’s great grandparents.Gran and Pop pop (top) and Great Grandaddy (bottom).

FALL: el otoño

October 27, 2007

April is from Merritt Island, Florida where the beaches are beautiful, the tropical plants are never ending and the temperatures are very decent all year round. The seasons down there (as you can kind of guess) are far different than what we have up here in the MD. The changes in season are not very obvious and/or interesting. I never really appreciated the Fall season before April moved up here in May, 2005 and showed me how great the season changes are. Now Fall is our family’s favorite time of the year. We enjoy especially going to get pumpkins and mums, carving the pumpkins, driving around looking at all of the different tree colors as the leaves are changing…and April loves decorating the kitchen window and table with fall themes. Fall has taken a while to get here this year, but here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to so far. (Mainly dealing with pumpkins of course…)


Dante with his cousins Lucca and Sophia at a Pumpkin Patch/farm off of 424. Uncle Joey is supporting Dante from behind.


Dante at the Pumpkin Patch. He had a great time there.


The beginnings…


Apes carving her pumpkin.


Our 3 pumpkins…which ended up rotting after 3 days because of the unusually hot October this year.